Focused Intense Training
Pre Fit Pre Fit
Before you sweat, before you run, before you lift, before you do what you love or what needs to be done-you need to focus and you need to prepare.
Action Fit Pre Fit
It's the heat of the moment. You need hydration, endurance, strength, intensity, and stamina.  And, most importantly, you need to be pushed to the next level.
Post Fit Pre Fit
You're done. You did it. Calories burned, endorphins released, your body is loose and muscles are broken down. Timing is critical-your body needs to repair and you need to make that hard word stick.
Recover Fit Pre Fit
When it's time to sleep, when it's your day off, between workouts and anytime in between-you need to recover better to breakdown and improve even further. Rinse and repeat... THRIVE FIT and repeat.