THRIVE BIOTIC product packaging

THRIVE BIOTIC is Le-Vel’s latest and greatest new formula release. Biotic is an incredible blend of ultra premium grade pre- and pro-biotic strains.

Our bodies are comprised of various levels of good and bad bacteria...obviously, you want—and NEED—the good kind. THRIVE BIOTIC helps to populate your body with good bacteria.

Having and maintaining a thriving digestive system and overall sense of well being starts with your gut. You need to have the proper levels of good, healthy bacteria to make sure your gut and digestive system operate at optimum levels.

THRIVE BIOTIC has billions of premium grade live cultures to support your digestive system, improve regularity, support healthy weight loss, support a healthy immune function, support improved nutrient absorption and much more.

Take your gut health and overall sense of well being to the next level with THRIVE BIOTIC.